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AssassinsForHire Free Company  -  A Behemoth Server Free Company and Linkshell

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn - PC - Behemoth (NA)

Behemoth (NA)

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Astrologian
class Bard
class Black Mage
class Dark Knight
class Dragoon
class Machinist
class Monk
class Ninja
class Paladin
class Scholar
class Summoner
class Warrior
class White Mage
class Alchemist
class Armorer
class Blacksmith
class Botanist
class Carpenter
class Culinarian
class Fisher
class Goldsmith
class Leatherworker
class Miner
class Weaver
Recruitment information
With the cross-server friends list, party finder. raid finder, and talks of cross-world FCs coming, AssassinsForHire is on a recruitment spree! We currently have a small core group of members that work towards progression in both end game and casual play. We've even got some "members" from other servers. Our website is set up to link you from the Lodestone if you're in the FC and/or Behemoth, but if you're not on our server, we can grant you a tag based on your online/in game membership.

We are a NO DRAMA Free Company and are open to the idea of a FC merger, however, we would like for the other FC(s) to merge into AFH. Leaders can talk in game and out via Discord to make sure permissions and leadership roles transfer over for seamlessness.

We have a raid group that's doing VERY well, and are looking to get one or two more groups up and running. We are a drama free group and most of us have known each other in RL or in the gaming community since the mid 90's. We have member's as young as 9 (one of my sons) and as old as someone in their 40's. We have separate chat channels in our Discord server so those under 18 can not join because of language stuff. We are helpful and look at building our members and community. Here's a little more about us:

AFH-Crest1+TS_1508399526.pngAssassinsForHire Mission Statement:
To continually work on progression in all forms allowing our members to maximize their characters in content wherever their journey takes them in Eorzea. This includes, but is not limited to MSQ, Job Progression, Primals (EX), Raids (8/24 man), HUNTs, Crafting/Gathering, and many other fun and exciting content. Our intent is to help each other reach our individual goals, while concurrently building the Free Company to be able to support and enhance the “quality of life” for our members while becoming a Free Company recognized for integrity and camaraderie.

AFH-Crest1+TS_1508399526.pngAssassinsForHire Rules and Guidelines:
Being a member of AssasinsForHire Free Company, we encourage you to follow a set of Rules and Guidelines that serve to protect you and make your experience in Eorzea the best that it can be. While these Rules and Guidelines are written with the intent to maintain structure and balance in gameplay and social interaction; we would like to make you aware that these Rules and Guidelines may change due to adjustments in Final Fantasy XIV gameplay and social and online environments. That being stated, any changes to the Rules and Guidelines will be noted on our website as well as communicated to all Free Company members via in-game notifications, email, and through our social media outlets. Please read the following sections to familiarize yourself with what we, AssassinsForHire, believe will provide a positive social gaming experience for its members, but also for what you can look to expect from us as a Free Company.

So if you need help getting around, tips and tricks to make life in Eorzea easier, or even a place to call home? Are you looking for fun, excitement, & maybe even a little danger? AssassinsForHire is the Free Company for you! We're looking for new, casual, and veteran players. We have constant FC buffs active and members that are willing to take time to help those who need it. We also have a website with lots of helpful information! SO what are you waiting for? Apply today or ask a leader for more info! Stop by our home in the Goblet, ward 8 plot 35!

Please stop by the site and check us out. Look us up on Discord too. I'm usually on and off all day and play most nights until late as I'm off work currently due to surgery. We look forward to hear/seeing
you in game and out!
Time Schedules
Early to Late Evenings EST are when our bulk of members are on.
Casual Social Family Friendly Progression voice
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Send a member in game a tell or fill out our Application Form on our site!