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AssassinsForHire Free Company  -  A Behemoth Server Free Company and Linkshell

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn - PC - Behemoth (NA)

Behemoth (NA)

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Arcanist
class Archer
class Astrologian
class Bard
class Black Mage
class Conjurer
class Dark Knight
class Dragoon
class Gladiator
class Lancer
class Machinist
class Marauder
class Monk
class Ninja
class Paladin
class Pugilist
class Rogue
class Scholar
class Summoner
class Thaumaturge
class Warrior
class White Mage
class Alchemist
class Armorer
class Blacksmith
class Botanist
class Carpenter
class Culinarian
class Fisher
class Goldsmith
class Leatherworker
class Miner
class Weaver
Recruitment information
AssassinsForHire is a friendly and helpful Free Company - <AFH>

Behemoth Server.

Free Company: 2-6 veterans members active throughout the day.

Rank 8 with many Free Company Actions.

AssasinsForHire was created way back in Final Fantasy XI by brothers new to the MMO scene. Slowly but surely we grew to a formidable force throughout FFXI, establishing a large group of friendly individuals. Now on FFXIV, our group, starting small, but growing nonetheless, work hard towards progression, helping others along the way. We take a backseat to the endgame grind that usually becomes reminiscent of a job. We look towards each time we log in to have fun while connecting with friends and playing with others. We encourage everyone to treat others with respect. We understand people have families and sometimes those families play together, so we keep in mind the various age groups that might be on. Our goal is to be known as friendly and helpful members of the gaming community, just like we were in FFXI. We provide a drama-free environment for gamers and friends, a place to enjoy gaming with a community of friends you can get along with on, and off the game.

We are a Maelstrom based Free Company. We currently have a large mansion in the Goblet, Ward 8, Plot 35. We have all the crafting stations, vendors, storage options, summoning bells, hair style bells, chocobo stables, gardening beds and a relaxing atmosphere. We are starting Free Company funded Aquapolis runs

We use Discord while we play, but it isn't mandatory. We have members that use Skype and the PS4 party chat as well. Some of our members don't use any chat service, and that's fine too. We are a close-knit group of REAL friends that get together for LAN parties and cookouts. Our kids all play together and we have families and jobs, real life responsibilities. If you can't get on, don't sweat it! You want to take a break, not a problem! Only thing we ask is that you stay active and help each other out. Look us up on our website, AssassinsForHire for more information. We are small, but we are strong. Come join the fun with AssassinsForHire!!
Time Schedules
Early to Late Evenings EST are when our bulk of members are on.
Casual Social Family Friendly Progression voice
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