Nod Narb tagtag posted Oct 6, 17

Bitches be trippin' for content in Patch 4.1 and beyond!

Besides flashy pictures, you can see a forum post HERE about some of the new changes and additions to Patch 4.1!


Put your squadron's training to the test with command missions─four-man unit operations that will take you on forays into perilous dungeons. With an increased level cap and the option to glamour your squadron's equipment, now is your chance to impress the higher-ups and make a name for yourself in your Grand Company.

A number of new mounts are running, soaring, and swimming their way here! The legendary kamuy, bathed in the light of Shinryu, and the enormous korpokkur kolossus are yours to command. If enchanted furniture is your preferred mode of transport, the flying chair offers unparalleled comfort as you take to the skies.

Be the envy of your fellow adventurers with these adorable wind-up toys.

These new hairdos are bound to leave an impression!

Express yourself! Warm up your fists of fury with Box and get your point across with the versatile Converse emote.

There once were brave souls who uncovered the truth of the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Such trials as they overcame were not to be recorded in history, but far from fading with the passage of time, they have been imagined in vivid detail by the wandering minstrel. As his lilting melody caresses your mind's eye, you cannot help but be transported to the scene of struggle against the elder primal Bahamut...

Players can now add any player on the same data center to their friends list, and even send them messages with /tell! Friends who are Worlds apart will feel closer than ever.

Stir the hearts of people the realm over with Perform! At last, a set of bard actions with which you can share the music in your heart.