Hello everyone! July and August were busy months for the website as we got over 2,000 unique hits! The sweepstakes lasted the entire month of July and it's taken another month to pick our winners. Emails went out after the first week of August to notify the winning contestants, however, many did not reply. We gave them the allotted 15 days, and in doing so ended up having to pick multiple different people for many of the prizes. With the sweepstakes closed and the winners chosen, it's now my privilege to reveal to you the winners of the AssassinsForHire Free Company Milestone Sweepstakes! Prizes will hit the USPS tomorrow so be looking out for your prizes!

Grand Prize:

60 Final Fantasy XIV Digital Time Card

Alex T. from Virginia, USA

Dubious York on Behemoth Server

Second Prize:

White Final Fantasy 16-bit Character Lanyard

Tim C. from Massachusetts, USA

Aiwa Yume on Odin Server

Third Prize:

Final Fantasy XIV Window Decal

1) Mikhail R. of New York, USA

Does not play FFXIV

2) Kate B. of Florida, USA

Does not play FFXIV

3) Joe J. of Maryland, USA

Kerasi K'Hazri of Cactuar Server

4) Joe C. of Nevada, USA

Neje Cool of Goblin Server

5) No Responses

Thanks again for participating in the AssassinsForHire Free Company Milestone Sweepstakes and stay with us as we have our next sweepstakes on the drawing board!